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Executive Coaching

Coaching is learning through relationship. Cognova means "new mind." We believe in the resilience of the human spirit and in the innate ability of individuals to learn and grow. We believe individuals have the capacity to reprocess experiences, allowing new insights and behaviors to emerge. We believe that our skill in the use of the most effective and proven coaching methods uniquely position us to alleviate suffering and promote personal growth.


Aware Leader Forums

We create an experiential learning environment for individual and group development. We marshal the energy of participants to collaborate, innovate, and achieve results. Design and delivery of Cognova forums are highly customized. Feedback we receive consistently highlights immense personal and professional development of the teams and individuals with whom we work.

Talent Assessment

The Cognova assessment process is highly predictive in determining the best candidate fit for the organization and talent potential of individuals. We developed a proprietary framework, that is both specific to your organizational needs and is in line with global leadership trends. With over 50 years of assessment experience, we collaborate with you to make the best hiring decisions and establish the most robust development plans for high performers.


Leader Development

An Aware Leader is an individual whose choices for action are illumined by attention to an inner most being. Developing as an aware leader is an inner process that when adhered to presents us with choices for action and non-action. The outer work is vital to stimulate, draw forth, and give direction to our individual and collective growth potentials.


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