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Talent Assessment

Hiring or Promotion:

Based on the leadership competencies that are specific to the culture of your organization, we select the most appropriate and predictive test instruments and administer them to your candidates. We provide feedback on assessment results that optimize your decisions regarding each candidate.  Our typical selection battery includes tests of cognitive ability, personality inventories, tactics for learning, and a competency-based structured behavioral interview.

Development Assessment:

Key employees are assessed with tools to improve a company’s management team to perform up to expectations, to determine future promotions, and to facilitate the correction of performance blocks. These tools include tests of cognitive ability, personality inventories, business simulations, interviews, and multi-rater (360-degree) feedback.

Team Assessment:

Cognova Consulting, Inc. has developed an assessment protocol that is used in the evaluation of entire management teams. This type of assessment is crucial for executives who have inherited a team and need to understand quickly its strengths and weaknesses.  This type of assessment is also invaluable for potential investors in a company because the strength of the management team is one of the key determinants in the company’s success.

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